Tom Artin’s parallel interests in Wagner and Freud began quite independently of one another.  He came to Wagner from a life-long involvement with music, as both a performer and a listener.  His interest in Freud emerged from his literary studies, as well as an extra-curricular fascination with the evolution of psychoanalysis.  The more he scrutinized Wagner’s texts, the more inescapable seemed their numerous intersections with Freudian theory and its metaphorical superstructure.  Viewed through a Freudian lens, Wagner’s epic Ring narrative and its elaborate geography came to appear neither merely fanciful nor antiquarian nor narrowly nationalistic, but rather profoundly insightful of the psyche of nineteenth century Europe.

T O M   A R T I N




Books Authored


The Allegory of Adventure, Bucknell University Press, 1974.

Earth Talk: Independent Voices On The Environment, Grossman Publishers, 1973.

The Wagner Complex: Genesis and Meaning of The Ring, Free Scholar Press, 2012, 264 pp.

Arthurian Literature and Christianity, Garland Press, 1999 (essay included in anthology).

Emil Artin's Iceland Journal, ed. & Introduction, Free Scholar Press, 2013.


Books Translated


Mindworks, by Ernst Pöppel, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1988, from German.

Deng Xiaoping, by Uli Franz, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1988, from German.

Geometry in Nature, by Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen, AK Peters, Ltd., 1993 from Danish.

Drawbridge Up by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, AK Peters, Ltd., 1999 from German.

Arnold Sommerfeld: Science, Life and Turbulent Times, 1868-1951, by Michael Eckert, Springer, 2013, from German, 

The Laughing Wagner, by Joachim Köhler, Free Scholar Press, forthcoming, 2015, from German.



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Rockland Community College, Department of English

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Swarthmore College, Department of English

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Princeton University, PhD., Comparative Literature, 1968.

Princeton University, B.A., English, 1960.